What pilots are saying

All your materials are one of the best values in aviation education – relevant, current, interesting, and easy to use. Thank you again.

Hi Delia,
I can’t say enough on how valuable your series of webinar’s have been to me in expanding my overall understanding of weather. I apply the practical knowledge you have taught every time I fly. Thanks you so much.
Bruce P

Your presentation was dramatically different, better and more effective than anything I have seen in over four decades of flying.

(Re: Free Get a Better Briefing Class)
The explanations were enlightening. I really enjoyed the learning of what to do with a beligerant briefer, although most of the briefers I have talked to have been cordial and helpful. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know and it helps to have an open mind to be able to learn from other people who have been there. We as private pilots are really just partimers. Grin. We like to think we always know best. It is a macho thing. Only ask for directions after we have been lost for a while. (remember that not knowing where you are is just a case of being disorientated cause you know where some things are, but being LOST is not knowing where anything is.

I would say that it will increase your understanding of what to ask for a weather briefing and what is the background and motivation of the person who is giving you the weather report.


If you’re wanting a focal refresher and access to Aeronautical Weather references, this was a critical class to attend. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise
Scott S

Delia had some really good tips that will help to get me back up to speed.(Ref: free “Get a Better Preflight Briefing”) This is just a taste of what’s available from Fly-Rite.”
“Do you want to get better preflight weather briefings? Then what’s wrong with you? Take this course!!”
Bill S

Thanks for a very good and thoughtful seminar.
Mike T

Hello Delia,

Thank you for the interesting and informative Webinar the other evening. I really enjoyed it. It was such a good, thorough review of the topics, and actually reinforced a few things that were dusty in my wee brain. I enjoyed learning from you.

A bit aside from the course, I just want to pass along many thanks for all the good work you, and all the many, many other weather specialists have done over the years. I wasn’t joking when I said that you weather people (especially the FSS and Flight Watch folks) have kept me alive. That’s just the truth of the matter.

As a fire pilot, very often you take off with a minimum of fuel to do the job, because you carry so much gear (particularly in the smokejumper airplanes). And, of course, the weather is normally all thunderstorms, since they start the fires in the first place. I can’t even tell you the number of times the FSS/Flight Watch got me home by talking me through what THEY saw on their radars, as I’d be telling them what I saw on MY onboard radar. We’d compare notes and look for the holes. This was all done at very low level, to stay beneath the storms, squeezing through the mountains. I got to know the country by heart, which was a GOOD thing, but I never could have done my job without the help of the weather experts.

There were many years where, when I’d call in on 122.0, the briefer would reply with “Is that you, Mary?” So I guess I was quite the pest, ha ha. You all kept me, and my fire guys, alive. In the mornings, I always bought ice cream for the FSS folks when I was based in Cedar City, and then by afternoon, they’d be talking me back home. I always felt so grateful to have such people around. Hey, I’m still grateful.

So, thank you — from just one of the many you’ve helped over the years. 🙂


Mary L