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Master Preflight Briefer Course

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Understanding weather is VITAL to your health!

But most weather classes are too technical and more importantly don’t teach you what you need to know, which is:

How to identify the six aviation weather hazards
in your Preflight Weather Brief.

With this program you will get the ease of online training at your own pace but the personal attention and 1-on-1 coaching usually only available in a classroom setting.
But this training you won’t get anywhere else!

AND for a limited time, we’re offering our
12-week Master Weather Brief Program
at a significant discount.

PART I: The Preflight Briefer
In this 4-week course you will gain competency at the vital skill (and art) of the Preflight Weather Brief. This step alone would have eliminated 65% of the aviation accidents I reviewed. This n

PART II: The Advanced Briefer
This is where things really get exciting! Here, you will learn the
advanced skill of reading satellite to discern stratus from fog and identify developing thunderstorms. You will also learn
the best tools and indicators to each hazard.

PART III: The Master Briefer
This is it! This is the final four weeks where we hone your skills to be able to quickly and confidently locate and confirm (or eliminate concern) of each of the six aviation weather hazards in about 30 minutes.

This includes:
*FOUR Coaching Calls
Weekly Q&A (or discussion board for questions)
*Weekly Online lessons to study at your convenience (1-3 hours)
* Videos demonstrations
*Learning drills to improve speed and understanding
* Flashcards and Cheat sheets

The Master Preflight Briefer Course is designed to hone core competencies for an efficient and accurate assessment of potential aviation weather hazards, before each and every flight.

In this course, seasoned and student Private Pilots, CFI’s, Glider Pilots, drone pilots, flying club administrators and anyone pursuing a license or a career as an air traffic controller will refine and review how to best utilize the most current preflight weather analysis tools available. Having a foundational knowledge of how to identify potential hazards also ensures best use practices with any and all of the tech, tools and applications pilots use when they fly.

Our mission at Fly-Rite is to train pilots on how to simplify a fast and accurate assessment of weather —with or without a degree in meteorology. Fly-Rite programs, books and reference guides help pilots develop an expert Preflight Briefer routine that is straightforward, reliable and safe. Our purpose is to build competency, confidence, and to save lives with safer skies.

?This book is Five books in One and will enable you to feel confident in your preflight brief. It includes much of what is in the other books but presented in a very new format with a lot of additional data and in a new context that allows pilots to incrementally increase their ability to use the information. Further, it is also integrated with the Weather Risk Assessment/Flight Briefing Guide (new) so that pilots know exactly what they are looking for in each section of a briefing.
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