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Aviation Weather Training Upgrade

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Are you expert at identifying the SIX aviation hazards?

It took me years to develop this particular training program only available in the past year and because you have been a student of aviation weather we’re offering you a $250 discount on the package.

These are identified in each step of your Standard Preflight Brief. Whether you are a student pilot or a flight instructor you must know this information —and it’s not taught anywhere else.

Individually these sell for over $500. On our webinar special, we discount that substantially but I wanted to price this so you would be sure to get this valuable information.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this offer!

This includes:
eBOOK: The Aviation Weather Manual eBook
eBOOK: The Aviation Weather Glossary eBook
eBOOK: Quick Reference Guide to Preflight Briefs ebook
eBOOK: Quick Reference Guide to Preflight Weather Risk Assessment eBook
TRAINING VIDEOS: The Preflight Weather Brief
TRAINING VIDEOS: Weather Simplified
TRAINING VIDEOS: Regional Weather Overviews
TRAINING VIDEOS: Weather Risk Assessment
BONUS DOWNLOAD: Preflight Weather Brief Checklist

And if you would like the paperback copy of the 460-page, full-color Aviation Weather Manual you can get that at a discount of $70 (a 65% discount!).

?This book is Five books in One and will enable you to feel confident in your preflight brief. It includes much of what is in the other books but presented in a very new format with a lot of additional data and in a new context that allows pilots to incrementally increase their ability to use the information. Further, it is also integrated with the Weather Risk Assessment/Flight Briefing Guide (new) so that pilots know exactly what they are looking for in each section of a briefing.
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