Aviation Weather Made Easy Series – Paperback Book 2 & 3


Understanding the Hazards and Safe Self-Briefing of the Aviation Weather Made Easy book series

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Safe Self-Briefing is just what you need to ensure you are making safe weather decisions. It will help you

take your briefing skills to a whole new level. It is our most advanced book on briefing. Here we’ll walk through numerous briefings where you’ll learn how to confirm or dispel the likelihood of various hazards.
  • Learn the simple rules that clarify what weather you may encounter.
  • Learn what to do when briefing elements conflict.
  • Learn specifically how elements of the briefing can be used to ensure your safety.
  • Learn the vital Detection Tools of briefing—that will give you confidence in making safe decisions.

Understanding the Hazards is a comprehensive weather book designed to give you enough plain language information so that you can make good, safe decisions for your flights.

You will learn fantastic new tools that can help you identify potential weather as well as new uses for existing tools to precisely confirm or reject potential hazards, whether they are forecast or not. Including:
  • How to recognize unforecast hazards.
  • The most hazardous types of turbulence (that are rarely forecast) and how to recognize them.
  • A great forecast tool with MOS Bulletins and how to decipher them.
  • How to determine the accuracy of Winds
  • Great Icing sites.
  • How to determine the accuracy of a long-range forecast


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