AVIATION WEATHER eMANUAL plus Aviation Weather Course


“Weather is the most lethal of all major causes of GA accidents.” 

Michael Huerta, Former FAA Administrator

Whether you are a student pilot or a CFII or ATP, this book is for you.

Most weather-related accidents are fatal. Further, it is a failure to recognize deteriorating weather that continues to be a frequent cause or contributing factor of accidents.

But what if you knew, with a high degree of accuracy, how to analyze the weather along a given route in about 15-20 minutes?

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Here, you’ll learn from a weather briefer who specialized in fast, accurate weather analysis—and then spent over five years investigating accidents.

  • The key tools to properly assess weather risk
  • Learn the telltale indicators for in each of the six hazards—even when they aren’t forecast.
  • Use the Weather Risk Assessment Chart to enhance your briefings
  • Gain certainty on identifying potential weather risks.
  • Learn advanced satellite and radar techniques

All your materials are one of the best values in aviation education – relevant, current, interesting, and easy to use.“


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