Wings Credit

How to Get Your WINGS Credit

Thank you for joining us on our free webinars. We are happy to assist you in receiving Wings credits for your attendance and ask that you please review the following as discussed at the end of the webinar:


PLEASE wait 1-2 weeks before querying WINGS credits. The FAA system has slowed and it can take that long for the credits to show on your account.


Some of our free webinars provide Advanced Credits. Please check on your WINGS credit page under “Advanced Credits” prior to querying credits.


We are only able to provide credits if you attended most of the webinar. Be sure you attended most of the webinar in order to receive credit.


At registration we requested your Wings credit email address. If you need to submit a different email address, you can do that here under the drop-down.


In order for us to research any WINGS credit please minimally submit the required fields in the form below.


Note: we are unable to research without the email address and date or if the webinar was from more than 3 months ago.


We process thousands of credits every month and also receive hundreds of questions on Wings credits.  

In order to expedite your requests and help us so we can provide more free services please complete the following form:

NOTE: Once you have submitted this form, please allow 5-7 business days for us to research your request. 

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