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Why Chuck Yeager Is A Legendary Pilot

In the world of aviation, a few names come up as those who shaped the field forever. The Wright Brothers, Amelia Earheart, and Chuck Yeager are all trailblazers in their own right. General Yeager had a lengthy and celebrated career in the United States Army beginning in the early 1940s, and later that decade, he moved to the Air Force and became...

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Long Range Forecasts

In the world of aviation weather, pilots require advance notice of weather conditions. Unfortunately good advance forecasts are not always possible. I’ve often told pilots that if you’re more than a day out, flight service just doesn’t have good information. Three days out and you may as well look on the weather channel. Now I have a better...

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Identifying Turbulence Potential with VAD Wind Profiles

Exclusively for Aviation Weather Wise Members. While statistics show only 18% of weather related fatalities were due to wind. In my personal experience the statistics were much higher! Identifying potential turbulence is vital and one of the most difficult hazards to predict or identify. You can’t see it on satellite and there are very few...

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