We train pilots to simply, quickly & accurately identify the SIX Aviation Weather Hazards in a Preflight Weather Brief.

Whether you’re a student or experienced pilot,  we teach what no one else does: Not just weather. Not just inflight weather avoidance or equipment, but preflight weather risk assessment.

Most aviation accidents occur because the pilot failed to identify the weather hazards BEFORE the flight.

Our classes, books and webinars teach pilots how to quickly and correctly analyze the risk of encountering any of the six aviation weather hazards to dramatically improve safety.

Discover Our Featured Courses

The Master Preflight Weather Course

This is everything a pilot needs to know to be a fast & competent Preflight Briefer! It is a 12-week course that includes Personal coaching, The Aviation Weather Manual, Videos, tools and learning drills to ensure you can quickly assess all potential hazards in a Preflight Brief.


The Aviation Weather Manual

$169.49 Paperback
$99 eBook

Part I, Part II, Part III of The Aviation Weather Manual Fourth Edition

$68.99 per Paperback (3 total)
15% Discount on Complete set $174.99
eBooks $35 each
15% Discount on Complete set $174.99

Fly Rite Pilot Education Provides Comprehensive Pilot Education

As a pilot, being able to quickly identify all six hazards in a Preflight Weather Brief and being able to do this quickly and confidently can mean the difference between life and death. Fly Rite Pilot Education offers a range of training programs designed to help you avoid weather-related accidents. From weather risk assessment to turbulence avoidance, our commitment to aviation safety could save your life. We feature a range of books, courses, and seminars that focus on identifying aviation weather before the flight.

At Fly Rite Pilot Education, we offer a range of resources for preventing weather-related accidents for pilots of any skill level. We have over two decades of experience in the industry, and share our lifesaving skills regularly through educational resources that provide support at every step of the way. Become a safer pilot through weather risk assessments. To learn more contact our team today at *(661) 333-9881*.

About the Author/Instructor

Delia Colvin

Delia Colvin is a FAA Safety Team Representative with nearly twenty years aviation experience specializing in aviation weather and air traffic control. 

She has the distinction of being trained and certified by the National Weather Service as a highly specialized Flight Watch Specialist. She has also worked as an Air Traffic Controller in Tower, Approach and began her career as an Air Traffic Control Assistant and Russian Interpreter at Anchorage ARTCC. 

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