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Whether you’re a student or experienced pilot,  we teach what no one else does: Not just weather. Not just inflight weather avoidance or equipment, but preflight weather risk assessment.

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Purchase the perfect holiday gift today!

Send a Fly Rite eGift Card to someone's inbox and pick the day we send it.

Most aviation accidents occur because the pilot failed to identify the weather hazards BEFORE the flight.

Our classes, books and webinars teach pilots how to quickly and correctly analyze the risk of encountering any of the six aviation weather hazards to dramatically improve safety.

About the Author/Instructor

Delia Colvin

Delia Colvin is a FAA Safety Team Representative with nearly twenty years aviation experience specializing in aviation weather and air traffic control. 

She has the distinction of being trained and certified by the National Weather Service as a highly specialized Flight Watch Specialist. She has also worked as an Air Traffic Controller in Tower, Approach and began her career as an Air Traffic Control Assistant and Russian Interpreter at Anchorage ARTCC. 

Aviation Weather Books

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Why Chuck Yeager Is A Legendary Pilot

In the world of aviation, a few names come up as those who shaped the field forever. The Wright Brothers, Amelia Earheart, and Chuck Yeager are all trailblazers in their own right. General Yeager had a lengthy and celebrated career in the United States Army beginning...

Long Range Forecasts

In the world of aviation weather, pilots require advance notice of weather conditions. Unfortunately good advance forecasts are not always possible. I’ve often told pilots that if you’re more than a day out, flight service just doesn’t have good information. Three...

Identifying Turbulence Potential with VAD Wind Profiles

Exclusively for Aviation Weather Wise Members. While statistics show only 18% of weather related fatalities were due to wind. In my personal experience the statistics were much higher! Identifying potential turbulence is vital and one of the most difficult hazards to...